Creative Labs Sound Blaster LIVE Value CT4670 PCI Sound Card


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SoundBlaster Live Value

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Pentium® class 133MHz or better
  • 16MB system RAM
  • Windows® 95, Windows® 98, ME, 2000, XP, or Windows® NT4.0
  • Open half length PCI 2.1 compatible slot
  • Headphones or amplified speakers
  • Drivers will need to be installed from your OS or downloaded from the internet

When Creative Labs launched the Sound Blaster Live card, it soon earned the reputation as one of the best sounds cards available, gaining industry wide recognition. The Sound Blaster Live Value is a slightly cut down version in that it offers the same sound quality without the extended digital I/O card, making it aimed squarely at the mainstream computer enthusiast.

Installation of the card is extremely easy

Lets have a look at the Sound Blaster Live Value in a little more detail.

The cards power comes from the EMU10K1 audio processor with 1,000+MIPS and two million transistors, which processes signals at 32-bit, 192 db, 48kHz using 8-point interpolation to deliver sound free from any noticeable distortion.

The card offers a staggering 256 voice capability, rivalling and surpassing many professional music systems. The card also uses SoundFont technology to load samples from 2MB to 32MB into  system RAM for music playback.

Support for the Environmental Audio Extensions allows for software developers to easily enhance their software with Environmental Audio effects. EAX has been designed to be a natural extensions to the Microsoft DirectSound 3D API.

Just card is included and is OEM packaged (not retailed boxed as pictured)


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