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Iomega Zip 100MB Plus Drive
SCSI and Parallel

 An updated version of the best selling Zip drive. The extra features are well thought out and very useful.

Realising that the floppy disk was no longer robust or capacious enough, Iomega developed the Zip disk. With a 100Mb capacity, the Zip drive allowed users to transport large files between PCs and backup important files quickly and easily. Iomega has now updated the Zip drive in the form of the Zip 100 Plus.

The Zip Plus is fully backward-compatible, using the same 100Mb disks as the original Zip, but several key refinements and improvements have been implemented.

The most impressive new feature is the interface AutoDetect technology. Whereas the standard Zip drive is sold in both SCSI and parallel port formats, the Zip Plus is a one-stop solution. The AutoDetect feature means it will automatically know whether it's connected to a SCSI or parallel port interface, and operate accordingly. This versatility adds a couple of very important advantages. First, if you have a SCSI card you can reap the speed benefits of a SCSI connection, but you can still connect the drive to any PC that doesn't have a SCSI adaptor. Second, if you don't have a SCSI card you can use the Zip Plus as a parallel port device, and if you buy a SCSI adaptor at a later date you can then have a SCSI Zip drive without having to buy a new model.

One of the major complaints about the original Zip drive is that it has no power switch. Even after you've

shut down your PC, your Zip drive is still turned on, unless you unplug the power supply. This issue has been addressed with the Zip Plus, which can be powered off by pressing the eject button when the drive is empty.

Another user problem that Iomega has addressed is the size of the power supply. The Zip Plus power supply is tiny and weighs less than four ounces, making the unit far more portable than the previous model. For those users who already have a Zip drive, this new power supply can be purchased separately from Iomega.

Iomega claims the Zip Plus offers a 40 per cent performance increase over the standard Zip drive, but this didn't prove to be the case. Copying a 90Mb file to the Zip Plus drive connected via SCSI, took eight seconds longer than copying it to a standard SCSI Zip drive. But reading the same file back proved to be 12 seconds faster on the Zip Plus.

On the whole, the Zip Plus is a well-rounded product. Even though the supposed increase in performance is hard to spot, and it's slightly more expensive than the original, the benefits of the extra features and the software make it an attractive purchase.

Iomega Zip 100 Plus Drive

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